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Environmental chemistry: pollution and remediation (6 points)


Leader: Dr Peter Junk

Clayton Second semester 2003 (Day)

Synopsis: The 3 major components of the environment, air, soil and water, will be considered. Air: atmospheric structure; air pollution; the ozone hole; the greenhouse effect and global warming; combating atmospheric problems; Soils: the nature of soils; constituents and properties of soil; chemical processes; organic matter; fertility; acidity; salinity; remediation of contaminated soils; Water: major components of natural waters; water treatment - coagulation, adsorption, polymer flocculation, settling, filtration, reverse osmosis, activated sludge processes, artificial wetlands; ecotoxicology; water quality quidelines, environmental risk assessment; remediation strategies for aquatic environments.

Assessment: One 3-hour examination: 70% + Laboratory work field trips and short laboratory reports and proforma reports: 30%

Contact Hours: Two 1-hour lectures, one 1-hour tutorial and the equivalent of 3 hours laboratory activity per week

Prerequisites: 12 points of level-one chemistry and normally 12 points of level-two chemistry, students without these should consult the coordinator

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