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Instrumental and Forensic Chemistry (6 points)


Leader: Dr Richard Morrison

Clayton Second semester 2003 (Day)

Synopsis: This subject initially examines experimental design, common instrumental features, essential terminology and data treatment. It explores the theory and instrumentation behind common instrumental techniques (IR, Raman, UV/Vis, mass, atomic and electron spectroscopies, microscopy, X-ray analysis, chromatography, flow methods) and then explores these techniques in chemical and forensic analysis. Forensic problems examined include the detection of accelerants at arson scenes, drug detection in sport, identification of microsamples at crime scenes. Practicals will provide problem solving in forensic chemistry. Guest lecturers and site visits will be an integral part of the subject.

Assessment: Examination (3 hours): 60% + Computer test/Assignments: 10% + Laboratory reports: 30%

Contact Hours: Three 1-hour lectures/tutorials and the equivalent of 3 hours laboratory activity per week

Prerequisites: CHM1011 and CHM1022, or CHM1031 and CHM1042, or equivalent, or BMS1011

Prohibitions: CHM2011, CHM2121, CHM2636, CHM2647

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