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Behavioural Neuroscience Honours: Research Project ( points)


Leader: Dr Dianne Sheppard

Not offered in 2003.

Synopsis: The Honours year in behavioural neuroscience aims to increase students understanding of theoretical and methodological aspects of research, develop their analytic, research and communication skills, as well as provide students with advanced knowledge in specific areas of the discipline including laboratory techniques and other research-related skills. The unit is also designed to prepare students for higher degree studies. The relatively high weighting of this unit reflects the intensity of taking on a major research project in this field. In this unit students undertake two serperate, though typically closely-related, research projects in an area within behavioural neuroscience that aim to provide training in both discipline specific and generic research skills. Their research projects form the basis of a literature review and reseach paper(s) presented at the end of the year.

Assessment: Oral presentation of research (hurdle); 4000-5000 word literature review 20%; Two 5000-7000 word seperate research papers, or one combined research paper 8000-10000 words 80%.

Contact Hours: 42 hours/week on their research project. Six 2-3 hour seminars/workshops

Prerequisites: Must be enrolled in course 3514 BNS Honours

Corequisites: BNS4200

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