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Food microbiology (6 points)


Leader: Ms J Woods (Nutrition & Dietetics) and Mr M Mohideen (Microbiology)

Clayton Second semester 2003 (Day)
Clayton Second semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: The subject is based on the awareness that micro-organisms play an important role in food and nutrition. It addresses the current state of food microbiology in industrial and domestic applications, the risks associated with food handling practices in food borne illness control, and the regulatory systems current in Australia at the three levels of Government. Hazard Control Critical Point Analysis is examined as a control mechanism for the prevention of food borne illness. The clinical outcomes of microbial contamination for selected at risk groups in the population, and methods to prevent the transmission of contamination are examined.

Assessment: Mid-semester test: 10% + Examinations: 50% + Practical reports & quizzes: 10% + Oral presentations: 10% + Laboratory practical skills: 5% + Assignment: 15%

Contact Hours: Weeks 1-6: 3 hours per week (lecture)

Prerequisites: BMS1021, BMS1062 or BIO1022

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