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Biochemistry of human function (6 points)


Leader: Dr Marie-Paule Van Damme (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

Clayton First semester 2003 (Day)
Clayton First semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: Principles of cellular metabolic regulation in relation to the specialised metabolism the liver, brain and erythrocytes. Energy stores in man, food energy utilisation in basal and active states. The generation of metabolic energy from macronutrients. The role of mitochondria in cellular bioenergetics and the formation and transport of mitochondrial proteins. Cellular protein trafficking. Overview of cell-cell communication. The regulation and integration of cell growth, differentiation and death. An introduction to molecular medicine - medical aspects of purine and pyrimidine metabolism, the biochemical basis of diabetes, cell and molecular biology of blood cells and haemostasis.

Assessment: Written examination by short answer questions and MCQs: 60% + Continuous assessment of project performance: 30% + Mid semester test: 10%

Contact Hours: 3 lectures per week and 3 hours practical or equivalent

Prerequisites: BMS1011

Prohibitions: BCH2022, BND2021

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