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Structure and function of cellular biomolecules (6 points)


Leader: Dr Janet Macaulay

Clayton First semester 2004 (Day)

Synopsis: This unit focuses on the action of major classes of biomolecules in biologically and medically relevant systems. Protein structure is related to function in contexts such as blood cells and extracellular matrix. The folding of proteins and the consequences of misfolding, as a cause of disease, are also explored. The mechanism of action of enzymes in medically important systems is examined. Carbohydrates and lipids are examined in the context of their function in diverse cellular compartments and biological membranes, respectively. The techniques used to isolate and study proteins, including their analysis using the tools provided by the new science of bioinformatics, are explored.

Assessment: Mid-semester test (45 min): 10% + Examination (3 hours): 60% + Evaluation of practicals/ assignments/ self-directed learning exercises: 30%

Contact Hours: Three 1-hour lectures and 3-hour practical/tutorial/self-directed learning exercise per week

Prohibitions: BTH2746 + Recommended: CHM1011 and CHM1022, or BIO1011 and BIO1022 with VCE Chemistry, or CHM1031 and CHM1042

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