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Winegrowing 1 (6 points)


Leader: Dr Mary Cole

Peninsula First semester 2003 (OCL)
Peninsula First semester 2004 (OCL)

Synopsis: World viticulture production, distribution of Australian viticulture, cultivars and rootstocks; Site selection, vineyard design and establishment procedures; Sourcing and propagation of vines; Trellising materials and design; Irrigation; Canopy management and improving grape quality, canopy types and scoring; Fruit maturity and yield assessment, harvest techniques and planning; Characteristics of wine grape varieties and effect of climate/ viticultural practices; theory of principles and practices of wine production; Supervised practical application of winemaking theory; Physiology of odour detection and basic taste sensations in relation to wine appreciation.

Assessment: Examination (2 hours): 40% + Two Assignments (1500 words each): 15% each + Two Practicals: 10% each + Tour report: 10%

Prerequisites: ASC4717

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