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Imperial Rome: A Study in Power and Perversion in the early Empire (6 points)


Leader: Gillian Bowen

Clayton Second semester 2003 (Day)

Synopsis: The unit examines aspects of Roman political, social and cultural history from the crucial period when she made the transition from Republic to Empire to her peak in High Empire (30 BCE - 138 CE). It focuses upon the reigns of four emperors: Augustus, Claudius, Nero and Hadrian. Themes include the nature of Roman politics, the role of the emperor within the political system, the manner in which the emperor acquired, consolidated and held his position; the role of the Praetorian guard; the rise to power of freedmen, the plight of the aristocrats, and way in which the populace was treated under, and affected by, the style of rule adopted by each of the four emperors.

Assessment: Group turorial presentation in oral and written form. The written form assesses the outcomes of the collaborative project and presentation (oral component: 10 minutes, 10%; written component: 500 words, 10%) + A research essay on a provided question (3,000 words, 60%) + Class test (1 hour, 20%)

Contact Hours: 2 one-hour lectures and 1 sixty-minute tutorial per week for 9 weeks and one two-hour tutorial in week 10

Prerequisites: One of the following: ARY1020, HSY1010, HSY1020, CLA1020, or permission from the Co-ordinator

Prohibitions: ARY3260

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