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Race and Sexual Politics: Questioning Concepts and Categories (6 points)


Leader: Helen Johnson

Not offered in 2003.

Synopsis: Using a range of theoretical and ethnographic material, the unit guides students through a cognitive encounter with the unfamiliar, and a questioning of the 'exotic' and 'alien'. Differences and diversities encompassed by 'other' cultures, and gendered, racialised, and sexualised concepts which work to construct peoples' lived realities. The tidal forces of globalisation and how it is refashioning the cultural and social map of our own society and those of our Asian and Pacific Rim neighbours.

Assessment: One video analysis (3500 words): 80% OR one essay (3500 words): 80% + examination (1 hr, equiv. to 1000 words): 20%

Contact Hours: 2 hours (1 lecture and 1 tutorial) per week

Prerequisites: Appropriate first-year ANY sequence or by permission

Prohibitions: INT3020

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