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Geography and environmental science

Department of Geography and Environmental Science

Head: Professor Peter Kershaw

Graduate coordinator: Dr Gale Dixon

The diverse research interests of the teaching staff and the variety of facilities available afford a wide range of research possibilities to graduate students in human and physical geography and environmental science. In human geography several members have conducted research in aspects of public policy relevant to urban and regional development and environmental considerations. A further strength is in the area of development studies and in the interpretation of changing attitudes to the environment in Australia. Strong research interests in physical geography include geomorphic process studies, palynology, Quaternary ecology, climatology, the reconstruction of Cainozoic environments and geographic information systems and remote sensing. Many of the MA and PhD theses already completed have been concerned with research problems in Australia but, depending upon available research funds, fieldwork outside Australia may also be possible.

Graduate School of Environmental Science

Associate Professor Paul Bishop, Director (Administration)

Mr Frank Fisher, Director (Policy)

Over 150 postgraduate candidates are enrolled in the school which is located within the Department of Geography and Environmental Science. The school's purpose is to educate students about the broad physical and social patterns of environmental change, emphasising the value of understanding the environment through practical projects undertaken within a framework of social and philosophical theory, thereby encouraging an understanding of how environmental action can be achieved. Activities of the school link and integrate knowledge and perspectives derived from the sciences and humanities in relation to socio-geographical environmental processes, environmental policies and environmental management strategies.

Coursework and research involve multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches, and there is an emphasis on collaborative team projects. Many projects have been funded by government and private groups.

Applications for the Master of Environmental Science and the Graduate Diploma of Environmental Science programs are sought from people of all backgrounds and disciplines, not only from the sciences. If needed, special assistance is available for graduates in the humanities. This is only a brief introduction to the environmental science programs. Further information and the Graduate School of Environmental Science handbook are available from the department.

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