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Womens studies

Centre for Women's Studies

Centre staff: Dr Rose Lucas (director) - room S632; Dr Maryanne Dever - room S628

The Centre for Women's Studies was established in 1987 and is based in the Faculty of Arts. Its purpose is to encourage and supervise graduate research, to offer subjects in both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and to organise seminars, conferences and workshops in the area of women's studies. The centre provides a focus for those interested in gender issues and feminism across the university.

The centre offers the degrees of PhD, MA by research and MA by coursework. The aim of the graduate program is to provide the opportunity for a range of links between staff and students not only between a variety of disciplines within the Faculty of Arts, but also with several vocationally oriented and professional courses offered by other faculties. The centre organises a series of regular staff and graduate seminars on topics of general concern to those engaged in feminist and women's studies. Research students are normally expected to attend these seminars. The centre also organises occasional symposia and conferences.

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