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Religion and theology

Centre for Studies in Religion and Theology

Director and graduate coordinator: Dr Constant Mews

The Centre for Studies in Religion and Theology was established in the Faculty of Arts in order to promote interdisciplinary teaching and research in the areas of religion and theology. The centre offers both minor and major sequences within the Faculty of Arts as well as an honours program. It has established extensive links with the Melbourne College of Divinity with which it coordinates the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Theology double degree program. The centre offers symposia, workshops and seminars in which research into religion and theology is presented and discussed.

Postgraduate supervision for those wishing to pursue research degrees in religious studies and theology is available through the Centre for Studies in Religion and Theology. The centre also offers interdisciplinary subjects at the postgraduate level which examine the beliefs and practices of different religious traditions. Masters by coursework and masters by coursework and research programs are offered by the centre. Further details can be obtained from the director. For information contact the director Dr Constant Mews, 9905 2185, or Professor Gary D Bouma, 9905 2982.

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