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Anthropology and sociology

Department of Anthropology and Sociology

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The department offers programs at both the undergraduate and the graduate levels in three disciplinary areas: anthropology, sociology and comparative societies. The department has a number of particular academic strengths: social theory; comparative and historical studies; the analysis of western societies, Australia in particular; Asia; social change and `development'; women, gender and feminism; social policy; cultural studies; research methods.

At the graduate level, the department provides supervision for research degrees at masters and PhD levels in a wide range of areas, drawing on the specialist interests and expertise of twenty-six academic staff across the campuses of Clayton, Caulfield and Peninsula; postgraduate supervision is also available on the Gippsland campus.

The department also has two masters programs by coursework or coursework and thesis. Students can either enrol in a general masters in anthropology and sociology, where the wide range of subjects available permits a degree of specialisation within areas such as gender and feminism, social theory, and comparative societies, or enrol in a specialised masters in applied social research. Depending on the level of entry, the courses take one year or two years full-time (or the part-time equivalents).

Details of PhD, masters (research) and the coursework degree programs, the general MA first, followed by the MA in applied social research, are given below.

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