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Examination grades

Masters and graduate diploma grades for subjects

The following are the standard grades and associated mark ranges in graduate diploma and masters programs:


Marks (%)
High distinction (HD)
Distinction (D)
Credit (C)
Pass (P)
50-64 (see below)
Fail (NN)
49 or below

Pass grades

The pass grade for a graduate diploma subject is 50 per cent, ie a Pass (P). To qualify for the degree, students must obtain a pass or better in all subjects. Students wishing to transfer from a diploma course to a masters program must have received at least credit level grades in all subjects to qualify.

For students undertaking a Master of Arts, Master of Bioethics (1994 onwards), or a Master of Social Work degree, the minimum pass is 65 (C). To qualify for the degree, students must have achieved credit or better in all subjects, although the board of examiners may allow a student who has received a mark between 61 and 64 in one subject only to get a complementary pass for that subject, provided that the average of all marks is 65 or above. Students undertaking the Master of Environmental Science degree are required to achieve at least a credit average in order to be eligible to take out the award.

Where a student has failed to submit work within three months of the date of the board of examiners' meeting which considered and awarded a withheld or deferred result for the subject in question, a grade of fail will be returned for the subject.

Theses grades

The results of the examination of theses shall be awarded in four grades, namely fail (NN: a mark below 65), credit (C: 65-74), distinction (D: 75-84) and high distinction (HD: 85-100).

In cases where a candidate has undertaken a thesis combined with coursework subjects, the marks for the thesis and the subjects in Part II of the masters degree shall be taken into consideration when a grade for the degree is decided upon.

Where a thesis is undertaken as the only component or as part of a masters degree, the examiners' marks will be the major consideration when finalising the overall qualifying grade.

Masters grades for the award of the degree

The degree of Master of Arts may be awarded on the completion of Part II of the degree. For all masters research students there shall be three qualifying grades, namely Honours 2B (65-74), Honours 2A (75-84) and Honours 1 (85-100). A candidate who fails to qualify for the award shall be awarded the grade of fail (NN).

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