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The chief officers of the faculty are the dean and the faculty registrar (Arts). The dean is a professor of the faculty and presides over meetings of the faculty, the faculty board and its committees, and is especially concerned with staffing and finance. In addition, the faculty has three associate deans whose areas of responsibility include teaching and undergraduate matters, graduate studies and research.

The faculty registrar (Arts) has superintendence over the student administration and student services of the faculty, provides information on policy and planning matters, and is responsible for the provision of secretarial services to various faculty boards and committees.

On the Clayton campus student advisers are available to advise graduate students on the planning of their courses and on changes of course.

Any student wishing to see the dean, the faculty registrar (Arts), the student advisers or postgraduate administrative officers are normally able to make an appointment at fairly short notice. Inquiries should be made at either the undergraduate or graduate office, first floor, west wing of the Robert Menzies School of Humanities. Caulfield, Peninsula and Frankston students needing advice should consult the faculty office on their home campus in the first instance.

Students wishing to bring any relevant matters to the attention of the student members of the faculty board should feel free to do so. The student members can be contacted c/o the office of the faculty registrar (Arts), first floor, Menzies Building.

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