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Course planning information for students in undergraduate science degrees - Faculty of Science

Seeking advice and help

All students enrolled in science courses and units are encouraged to see their tutors or lecturers about any academic issues they may have. Science course advisers in Science Student Services are also on hand to provide expert advice at any stage of your course.

Course requirements

The course requirements in this Handbook apply to students who are admitted to a course in 2016. Students whose first year of study in their course was prior to 2016 should refer to the archived Handbook for their commencing year, or consult with a science course adviser to determine the requirements that apply to their course.

Course progression and enrolment

Normal full-time load

The normal full-time load for undergraduate science courses is 24 points per semester, or four 6-point units. Units for most undergraduate courses are available at levels one, two and three, as indicated by the first number in the unit code.

Normally students in science courses may not undertake any level two science units until they have successfully completed at least 36 points of units at level one.

Approval to exceed a normal full-time load in any semester

Students must seek course advice and faculty approval to enrol in more than the normal full-time load in any semester, i.e. more than 24 points in first and second semester and 18 points in summer semester. Students are normally not permitted to overload in their first year of study.

Refer to item 1.3.4 of the Coursework Enrolment procedures for more information.

Unit prerequisites, corequisites and prohibitions

The unit entries in this handbook often include prerequisites, corequisites and prohibitions:

  • 'Prerequisite' units must have been completed successfully prior to undertaking the unit for which they are listed.
  • 'Corequisite' units either must have been completed previously or may be taken concurrently in the same semester.
  • Units listed with a 'prohibition' to another unit usually have significant content overlap and students are not allowed to enrol in both units.

Responsibility for unit choice

It is important that students are familiar with the requirements for the course in which they are enrolled, which includes corequisites and prerequisites of current level study and for progression to the next level. Assistance is available for students with planning their studies at the Science Student Services office.

When choosing level one units, students should aim to keep options open for the choice of level two and level three units at a later stage of their course. Students should peruse the units available in later years and check on the corequisites and prerequisites listed in the unit entries, but should also be aware that not all units are offered every year. Most majors have certain prerequisite units for progression to the next level.

Timetable constraints may influence unit choice. The faculty aims to minimise timetable clashes between appropriate unit combinations, however students are encouraged to consult the timetable prior to finalising unit selection.

Course maps

Course maps are available to help student’s plan their course.

Credit for non-Monash units

There are specific limits on the amount of credit that students can count for units not completed at Monash towards a science major sequence (including units completed as part of study abroad, complementary and/or exchange studies). Refer to the policy on limits to credit given for undergraduate courses.

Enrolment over and above degree requirements

Students have a responsibility to complete course requirements as outlined in this Handbook and not exceed the specified number of credit points required to complete their course. Unit enrolments not meeting the requirements of this policy will be charged on a single unit fee basis unless the Associate Dean (Education) or nominee has verified that the additional studies are required to complete a student's course requirements due to having changed their major.

More information is available in item 5.3 of the Coursework Enrolment procedures.