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Units indexed by Organisational Unit: School of Media, Film and Journalism

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  • ATS1277 Media studies
  • ATS1297 Academic writing
  • ATS1298 Professional writing
  • ATS1330 Newsroom practice and theory
  • ATS1331 Feature writing
  • ATS1340 English for academic purposes
  • ATS1356 Public relations writing
  • ATS1897 Public relations theory, principles and practice
  • ATS2449 Media texts
  • ATS2450 Contemporary media theory
  • ATS2454 Media audiences
  • ATS2490 Advanced Professional Writing
  • ATS2656 e-journalism
  • ATS2658 Journalism ethics
  • ATS2743 Build your career: Planning and strategies for employability
  • ATS2773 Literature and history
  • ATS2814 Engagement, publicity and promotion
  • ATS2895 Gender, race and journalism
  • ATS2896 Photojournalism
  • ATS2918 Social media and online public relations
  • ATS3093 Specialist topic in media, film and journalism
  • ATS3450 Contemporary media theory
  • ATS3451 Freedom and control in the media
  • ATS3499 Authorship and writing
  • ATS3656 e-journalism
  • ATS3658 Journalism ethics
  • ATS3743 Build your career: Planning and strategies for employability
  • ATS3811 Journalism professional placement
  • ATS3837 Internal-external communication and reputation management
  • ATS3839 Public relations internship
  • ATS3895 Gender, race and journalism
  • ATS3896 Photojournalism
  • ATS4002 Honours research methods seminar
  • ATS4235 Selected topics in theory and practice
  • ATS4373 Honours professional project