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Units indexed by Organisational Unit: Department of Physiotherapy

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  • PTY1011 Physiotherapy 1
  • PTY1022 Physiotherapy 2
  • PTY2000 Honours systematic review
  • PTY2031 Physiotherapy 3
  • PTY2042 Physiotherapy 4
  • PTY3000 Honours research proposal
  • PTY3051 Physiotherapy 5
  • PTY3162 Physiotherapy 6A: Clinical
  • PTY3262 Physiotherapy 6B: Clinical
  • PTY3362 Physiotherapy 6C: Clinical
  • PTY3462 Clinical placement
  • PTY4000 Honours thesis
  • PTY4010 Honours systematic review
  • PTY4020 Honours research proposal
  • PTY4030 Honours thesis
  • PTY4171 Physiotherapy 7A: clinical
  • PTY4172 Physiotherapy 7B: clinical
  • PTY4281 Physiotherapy 8A: clinical
  • PTY4282 Physiotherapy 8B: clinical
  • PTY4283 Physiotherapy 8C: campus
  • PTY5100 Enhancing skills in paediatric physiotherapy
  • PTY5101 Advancing skills in paediatric physiotherapy: Cerebral palsy
  • PTY5102 Advancing skills in paediatric physiotherapy: Neonates and infants
  • PTY5103 Principles of paediatric physiotherapy
  • PTY5104 Advancing skills in paediatric physiotherapy: complex and chronic conditions
  • PTY5105 Advanced paediatric clinical skills and project