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Units indexed by Organisational Unit: Department of General Practice

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  • MCM5414 Musculoskeletal medicine
  • MCM5417 Medical ethics
  • MCM5419 Ophthalmology
  • MCM5501 Depression and anxiety disorders in general practice
  • MCM5504 Dermatology
  • MCM5507 Child health
  • MCM5601 Women's sexual and reproductive health in general practice
  • MCM5602 Mindfulness-based stress management
  • MCM5603 Pain management
  • MCM5606 Issues in general practice prescribing
  • MCM5607 Diabetes
  • MCM5610 Cardiovascular health
  • MFM4000 Principles of general practice
  • MFM4016 Introduction to research methods
  • MFM5001 Masters thesis
  • MFM5004 Chronic disease management
  • MFM5005 Evidence based practice
  • MFM5006 Introduction to research methods
  • MFM5008 Applied research in general practice
  • MFM5009 Prevention in general practice and primary care