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12 points, SCA Band 1, 0.250 EFTSL

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FacultyFaculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
Organisational UnitSchool of Nursing and Midwifery
OfferedClayton First semester 2015 (Day)
Clayton Second semester 2015 (Day)
Coordinator(s)Mrs Susan Irvine


This unit is the first of four practice units in the graduate entry Master of Nursing Practice. The unit provides students with foundation knowledge and skills for nursing practice with an emphasis on physical health assessment. Knowledge and nursing practice skills are introduced around case scenarios. Each case will use an individualised client centred approach. Content to be covered within each scenario will include physiology, introductory pharmacology, application of the legal and ethical dimensions of care and nursing skills development. Clinical practice experience is an integral component of this unit and concentrates on the attainment of fundamental client care.


Upon successful completion of this unit, students should be able to:

  1. describe the physical health assessment process;
  2. conduct and document a comprehensive health history;
  3. conduct a comprehensive physical health assessment in a clinical environment;
  4. describe the impact that health problems may have on the individual from the physical, psychological and social perspectives;
  5. describe the steps involved in the process of developing appropriate plans for nursing care intervention and the evaluation of that care using standard decision making frameworks;
  6. discuss the basic principles of pharmacology, therapeutic drug administration and monitoring as they relate to oral medication administration;
  7. describe the legal and professional nursing requirements associated with quality use of medications including safe drug administration, storage and handling;
  8. analyse problems associated with drug administration, including drug interactions and the use of drugs across the life-span;
  9. implement appropriate evidenced based nursing interventions when caring for peri-operative clients, clients with compromised wound integrity, pain management and the dying client;
  10. analyse ethical issues relevant to the nursing care of clients with an alteration in health status;
  11. demonstrate safe evidence based clinical practice in an acute care setting with regard to the use of universal precautions for infection control purposes and asepsis;
  12. provide person-centred care according to relevant nursing care principles, to clients under the supervision of registered nursing staff and the clinical teacher;
  13. reflect upon, and evaluate self-performance in terms of the delivery of quality nursing care, and
  14. practice in accordance with ANMAC Competencies for the Registered Nurse and other professional standards at a beginning level.


Clinical placement: 160 hours.


Weekly participation in preparation and consolidation activities (20%)
Written assignment - Clinical case study (3,000 - 4,000 words) (30%)
End of semester exam (2 hours) (50%)
Clinical practice assessment (Pass / Fail)
Students must achieve a pass in the clinical placement to pass the unit (100%)
Attendance at clinical placement is mandatory
Calculations hurdle (100% mastery)
Laboratory attendance (Hurdle) (100% attendance, unless a medical certificate is provided)

Workload requirements

8 hours a week: lectures 5 hours, tutorials 1 hour, laboratories 2 hours over a 14 week semester. In addition, students will be required to undertake 160 hours of clinical placement.

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