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Units indexed by Organisational Unit: Sociology

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  • APG4681 Social research practice
  • APG4684 Analysing quantitative data
  • ATS1365 Introduction to sociology
  • ATS1366 The individual and society
  • ATS2560 Theorising sexed bodies: Contemporary feminist theory
  • ATS2561 Sex and the media
  • ATS2563 Global consumption, sex and race
  • ATS2716 Cultural diversity, citizenship and identity
  • ATS2718 Families, relationships and intimate life
  • ATS2720 Youth, culture and social change
  • ATS2723 Social research methods
  • ATS2724 Spiritualities, faiths and religions: Society and the transcendent
  • ATS2727 Men, masculinity and society
  • ATS3638 Global childhoods: Children's rights, welfare and mobility in a global context
  • ATS3715 Sexuality and society
  • ATS3717 Sociology of health and medicine
  • ATS3725 Population and society
  • ATS3726 Critical social psychology
  • ATS3730 Sustainable societies
  • ATS3852 Contemporary issues in social science research