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Units indexed by Organisational Unit: School of Physics

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  • ASP1010 Earth to cosmos - introductory astronomy
  • ASP2011 Astronomy
  • ASP3222 Physics for astrophysics
  • ASP3231 Observational astronomy
  • PHS1011 Physics
  • PHS1022 Physics
  • PHS1031 Physics for the living world
  • PHS1042 Physics, energy and the environment
  • PHS1080 Foundation physics
  • PHS2011 Physics: Quantum concepts and technologies
  • PHS2022 Physics: Electromagnetism, light and entropy
  • PHS3031 Foundations of contemporary physics
  • PHS3042 Fundamentals of condensed matter physics
  • PHS3051 Photon physics
  • PHS3062 Fundamental particle physics
  • PHS3131 Theoretical physics
  • PHS3142 Theoretical physics II
  • PHS3350 Physics research project 1
  • PHS3360 Physics research project 2
  • PHS4100 Physics thesis project
  • PHS4110 Physics thesis project part time I
  • PHS4120 Physics thesis project part time II
  • PHS4200 Advanced physics
  • PHS4210 Advanced physics part time I
  • PHS4220 Advanced physics part time II