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  • APG4788 20th and 21st century music repertoire studies
  • APG5835 Topics in musicology
  • APG5838 Medieval and renaissance music
  • APG5839 Music scholarship
  • APG5840 Research project in music
  • ATS1342 Music and popular culture: Asia
  • ATS1343 Popular music and culture: from spirituals to YouTube
  • ATS1344 Living Gamelan: gong-chime cultures in context
  • ATS1345 Introduction to western music
  • ATS1346 Introduction to world musics
  • ATS2804 From the erotic to the exotic: music in the nineteenth century
  • ATS2805 Global Popular and Roots Music
  • ATS2900 Music aesthetics and criticism
  • ATS2926 Performance studies: Indonesian Gamelan
  • ATS3818 Global Popular and Roots Music
  • ATS3824 Music in society: musicians, performances and institutions
  • ATS3825 Western art music in the 20th and 21st century
  • ATS3926 Performance studies: Indonesian Gamelan
  • ATS4451 MUSIC Honours thesis A
  • ATS4452 MUSIC Honours thesis B