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Units indexed by Organisational Unit: Department of Nutrition and Dietetics

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  • BND1001 Personal and professional perspectives in nutrition
  • BND1002 Evaluating the evidence: Nutrition and population health
  • BND1010 Human nutrition: an introduction to nutrients
  • BND1101 Science foundations
  • BND1102 Introduction to food and nutrition science
  • BND2001 Health across the lifespan
  • BND2002 Applied research methods in nutrition
  • BND2102 Food: science, composition and skills
  • BND2103 Integrated science systems
  • BND3082 Public health nutrition
  • BND3092 Practice and research in public health nutrition
  • BND3101 Evidence based management
  • BND3102 Introduction to dietetic practice
  • BND3202 Food for dietetic practice
  • BND3302 Dietetic practice 1
  • BND4011 Clinical dietetics 2
  • BND4021 Food service management
  • BND4032 Professional skills and dietetic management
  • BND4042 Program planning
  • BND4111 Research skills
  • BND4121 Honours research project 1
  • BND4122 Honours research project 2
  • BND5200 Introduction to dietetic skills
  • BND5210 Applied public health nutrition
  • NUT3001 Evidence based nutrition
  • NUT3002 Diet and the management of chronic disease
  • NUT3003 Sport and exercise nutrition
  • NUT3004 Nutrition controversies