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  • ENE2503 Materials properties and recycling
  • MTE2541 Crystal structures, thermodynamics and phase equilibria
  • MTE2542 Microstructural development
  • MTE2544 Functional materials
  • MTE2545 Polymers and ceramics I
  • MTE2546 Mechanics of materials
  • MTE2547 Structure-property relationships in materials
  • MTE2548 Biomaterials I
  • MTE3541 Materials durability
  • MTE3542 Microstructural design in structural materials
  • MTE3543 Microstructure to applications: the mechanics of materials
  • MTE3544 Management and practice in materials engineering
  • MTE3545 Functional materials and devices
  • MTE3546 Polymers and ceramics II
  • MTE3547 Materials characterisation and modelling
  • MTE4525 Project I
  • MTE4526 Project II
  • MTE4571 Materials engineering design and practice
  • MTE4572 Polymer and composite processing and engineering
  • MTE4573 Processing and engineering of metals and ceramics
  • MTE4590 Modelling of materials
  • MTE4592 Advanced ceramics and applications
  • MTE4593 Materials and environment
  • MTE4594 Engineering alloy design, processing and selection
  • MTE4595 Corrosion mechanisms and protection methods
  • MTE4596 Biomaterials II
  • MTE4597 Engineering with nanomaterials
  • MTE4598 Electron microscopy
  • MTE4599 Materials for energy technologies
  • MTE5505 Metals processing
  • MTE5509 Materials characterisation
  • MTE5515 Rubber technology
  • MTE5516 Case studies in materials engineering
  • MTE5596 Biomaterials