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12 points, SCA Band 1, 0.250 EFTSL

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FacultyFaculty of Education
OfferedClayton Second semester 2012 (Off-campus block of classes)
Clayton Second semester 2012 (Off-campus)
Clayton Term 2 2012 (Online)
Coordinator(s)Professor T Seddon (Term 2, Clayton, ONLINE); and Dr Miriam Faine (Semester 2, Off-campus & Cohorts)


The unit will involve identifying, investigating, improving and reporting on a learning dimension of your work. The starting point is on your identity as a learning practitioner, that is, a person whose work focuses on learning in organisational settings, in local communities and/or in educational institutions. It builds on the current attention given to learning that occurs in everyday work practices as well as in formal educational settings. Several perspectives of learning are explored in this course, all of which emphasise the importance of the learners' personal, theoretical and cultural locations.


Upon successful completion of this unit students should be able to: 1) understand and foster the learning dimension of your work; 2) critically examine and describe your identity as learner practitioners and the way this identity is constructed through a number of local and global conditions; 3) critically engage with various conceptual perspectives on learning in practice that may be influencing your work; and 4) develop a critical analysis of your work and workplace.


Online participation (10%); Assessment 1 (25%) - critical assessment of identity as a learning and development practitioner; Assessment 2 (25%) - discussion paper on the various conceptual understandings of learning in practice; and Assessment 3 (40%) - case study report

Chief examiner(s)

Professor Terri Seddon