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Managing facultyScience
Abbreviated titleMScPrelim
CRICOS code040036A
Total credit points required48
Standard duration of study (years)1 year FT, 2 years PT
Study mode and locationOn-campus (Clayton, Gippsland, Sunway)
Off-campus (Clayton, Gippsland)
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The Master of Science Preliminary combines research and coursework units and is a pathway to further studies at masters (research) or PhD level for graduates who do not meet the standard eligibility requirements for entry into course 2700 Master of Science degree. This course may be undertaken in the principal areas of research offered by the Faculty of Science, including applied sciences, biological sciences, chemistry, geosciences, mathematical sciences, meteorology and physics. Cross-disciplinary research may also be undertaken in areas related to the environmental, medical and material sciences.


This course aims to prepare students who do not meet the standard eligibility requirements for entry to higher degree studies.


This course will usually include a combination of coursework and research, and it is anticipated that the research component undertaken will form the basis of the research thesis required under the Master of Science.

Assessment is by completion of coursework units and examination of a minor thesis.


The specific requirements for this course is dependent on the field of study, but in general will include advanced coursework and specified assessment tasks, a thesis component and seminars/oral presentations.

The MSc(Prelim) course is available in most of the 'Science areas of study and sequences' listed in this handbook at

Schools are able to cater substantially for the interests of individual candidates, although there may be compulsory elements to be completed by all candidates in some areas of study. The work to be completed by a candidate will be as prescribed by the relevant head of school.

Progression to further studies

Candidates who successfully complete the studies and pass examinations as prescribed by their school with results equivalent to H2A (70-79) or better will be eligible for future admission into courses 3521 Master of Philosophy (MPhil), 2700 Master of Science (MSc) and 0057 Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Alternative exit(s)

Candidates who have completed the requirements of the course but not at the equivalent to H1 or H2A grade, or who are eligible to apply for the MSc, MPhil, or PhD programs but do not wish to do so, may apply to receive the award of Postgraduate Diploma in Science.