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Monash University

Monash University Handbook 2010 Undergraduate - Unit

12 points, SCA Band 1, 0.250 EFTSL

FacultyFaculty of Arts
OfferedNot offered in 2010
Coordinator(s)Dr Christina Twomey


This unit is an intensive reading, and writing skills development, unit for students in the final stage of a History major. The unit initially involves students in a general seminar for which they will read major historical works and examine differences in writing styles and approaches. Students will then form supervised geographic or thematic interest group workshops, discussing key works in that specific field, preparing a literature review and a book review of a recent publication. Finally, they will present material to the general seminar group from their specialised workshops and undertake a range of experimental writing exercises, which will be workshopped with the group each week.


Upon successful completion of this unit, students will:

  1. Have a developed knowledge of a range of key historical works and of historiographical and writing approaches in History;
  2. Have completed a sustained reading program in a specialised historical field;
  3. Be able to develop a comprehensive literature review on an historical topic;
  4. Understand, and be able to effectively use, a range of writing styles and techniques for the presentation of historical work; and
  5. Be aware of the importance for history writing of differences in potential audience.


A literature review on a specialised topic (2500 words): 25%; A book review (1000 words): 15%; A group presentation on historiographical and writing approaches (1000 words): 15%; Three writing style exercises (4500 words): 45%.

Contact hours

Two hour weekly seminar/workshop

This unit applies to the following area(s) of study



At least six units in History