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Monash University Handbook 2010 Postgraduate - Unit

6 points, SCA Band 1, 0.125 EFTSL

FacultyFaculty of Education
OfferedCaulfield Summer semester A to Semester one 2010 (Flexible)
Clayton Term 2 2010 (Flexible)
Coordinator(s)Dr Elizabeth Santhanam


Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Level I introduce participants to the teaching and learning cycle, focusing on the fundamental principles of teaching, learning and assessment. In this unit, effective teaching is viewed as a continually evolving practice based on review, reflection, and revision. Participants will focus on the principles for reviewing and developing inclusive, studentcentred materials. Participants will develop learning outcomes, align content and teaching methodologies with those outcomes, gather feedback, and reflect on their teaching. The varied aspects and conceptions of student assessment will be examined in a systematic way, and strategies for reviewing and improving assessment practices will also be investigated.


On successful completion of this unit, participants should be able to:

  1. recognise student learning as the primary objective of teaching;
  2. construct an effective and efficient teaching session, to optimise learning, to normalise effectiveness;
  3. differentiate between motivation and engagement;
  4. consider learning materials objectively for linguistic barriers to learning;
  5. analyse the Monash Teaching & Learning environment and consider teacher/learner
  1. instigate effective and purposeful peer-reviews;
  2. distinguish the purposes of assessment practices in their teaching contexts;
  3. apply relevant key concepts when planning and/or employing assessment tasks;
  4. devise techniques for providing quality and timely feedback to their students.


Assessment will be by inter-unit assignments submitted as an ePortfolio (100%, approximately 4,000 words)

Chief examiner(s)

Dr Elizabeth Santhanam

Contact hours

12 contact hours in workshops to be held over 2.5 days prior to the teaching semester. The remaining hours (on average 10 to 12 hours per week) includes the candidate's actual teaching time conducted in the course of their academic duties; reading/private study time; completion of online activities and preparation for assessment submission.


First degree or equivalent


HED5001, HED5002, HED5003