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Monash University

Monash University Handbook 2010

All enrolled medical students are required by the Medical Practice Act to be registered with the Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria. The faculty and the board will arrange each year for the registration of medical students.

On the presumption that students enrolling into the Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) do so with the intention of practising as a doctor, it is important to be alerted to the role of the Medical Practice Act and the Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria and, well ahead of time, to the legislation which relates to medical registration in Victoria.

The prime purpose of the Medical Practice Act is to protect the public. The act stipulates that the board is to refuse to register as doctors persons who:

  • are not of good character
  • have been convicted of a serious crime
  • are ill in a manner which may put the community at risk
  • are not able to complete the training and clinical experience required under provisional registration (ie internship).

After completion of the final year of the course and graduation, you will be required to apply for provisional registration with the Medical Practitioners Board. You will be asked to sign a statutory declaration attesting (1) that you have never been convicted of a serious crime and (2) that you are not presently under treatment for, or suffer from, any condition or illness which may impair your ability to practise and which may put the community at risk. This statement is provided to you to:

  • remind you of the vocational nature of your course and the strict requirements laid down for registration of medical practitioners by the Parliament of Victoria, and
  • give you the opportunity to consider your position, and seek appropriate advice, if you suffer from an illness or condition which could prevent you from being granted provisional registration or if you have been convicted of a serious crime.

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