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Monash University

Monash University Handbook 2010

Part-time studies

The faculty permits both full-time and part-time enrolment. Units to the value of 48 points per academic year constitute a standard annual full-time load (although most Bachelor of Laws programs require over load enrolment at some stages during the course of the degree).

Part-time enrolment is allowed, provided the student is able to comply with the applicable time limit for degree completion as stated in the regulations for the relevant course. Part-time students are expected to proceed at half the rate of full-time students and to complete their units for the degree in the same order as full-time students.

External studies

All Monash University LLB programs are taught on-campus and there are no arrangements for external or off-campus studies. All students are expected to attend and participate in the classes in units for which they are enrolled.

In some units, lectures are taped and available online.

The taping of lectures in units or particular unit streams is subject to the consent of the lecturer. The faculty endeavours to provide at least one stream of taped lectures in compulsory and quasi-compulsory units wherever possible. Details of which units or streams are taped is provided by the first week of semester in the Lectures Online website at

The provision of lecture tapes and other teaching materials online is intended to supplement rather than to substitute for regular class attendance.