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Monash University Handbook 2010

The Faculty of Law awards credit towards the Bachelor of Laws course for units passed in other tertiary studies within the previous ten years, provided that the units for which credit is sought are equivalent to Monash law units in terms of the curriculum, contact hours and standard of assessment . For credit to be granted for a specified Monash unit, the unit of previous study must be equivalent to at least 80% of the curriculum and credit point value of the specified Monash unit. Credit for prior studes is not granted automatically, but must be applied for.

Students must complete the relevant credit application form (obtained from and provide supporting documentation concerning previous studies for which credit is sought, together with an academic transcript of results. The documentation should be provided at the time of application or at the very latest, by the end of the first week of the first semester of study. The minimum information required is the:

  • name of the institution and course
  • unit name and code
  • syllabus
  • number of contact hours per week
  • credit weighting of the unit
  • assessment regime.

Generally credit will not be given unless the unit is taught or credited by an Australian law school or by a reputable overseas law school as part of a degree that qualifies students for admission to legal practice.

Where a student is granted credit for previous studies, the total time allowed to complete their LLB or related double degree will be reduced accordingly. Students must be aware of the adjusted time and ensure they complete their degree requirements within that time limit.

Maximum credit allowed

Students enrolled in a Bachelor of Laws course must complete at least 48 credit points of law units at Monash. In some cases, a student may be required to complete up to 72 points at Monash, to ensure that the student completes all the compulsory units required for the degree.