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Monash University

Monash University Handbook 2010

Unit selection

Course requirements for the Bachelor of Laws degree course are outlined in the faculty's regulations available at and in the Bachelor of Laws - basic course structure section of this handbook.

Student Services officers of the faculty are available to advise students on their choice of units at the time of enrolment. This advice, however, will be most helpful if students have already made themselves familiar with all the units and considered what their fields of interest are likely to be. Similarly, when re-enrolling in later years of the course, students should discuss their choice of units with the faculty advisers. Details of unit structures, including the number of hours devoted to lectures/tutorials etc are included in the 'Unit information' section of this handbook (under 'Units - all faculties'), or on the Law faculty website at

It is the responsibility of students to ascertain, from the regulations governing their courses, the units (including the number of points) required to complete their LLB degree. The approval of students' enrolment by the faculty does not relieve the students of this responsibility.


Opportunities to accelerate study are normally limited to students who have:

  • completed at least one year of university study; and
  • achieved at least a credit average in the previous academic year.

Students should discuss this option with a faculty adviser prior to re-enrolment.