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Monash University

Monash University Handbook 2010

The Faculty of Information Technology offers a wide range of undergraduate degree courses covering different aspects of information technology. The courses are designed to equip students to enter the computing profession in a variety of areas including the application of information technology to information systems in commerce and industry, and the design, construction and programming of computer equipment.

Regulations and policies

All faculty regulations and policies are published on the Faculty of Information Technology website at This includes information on orientation, enrolment, credit transfer, special consideration, assessment, academic progress and university and faculty support services.

Course maps and choosing units

Course maps and course progression information for all undergraduate degrees is published at

It is each student's responsibility to ascertain, from the information provided in this handbook and the websites listed above, the units required for their degree. The approval of students' enrolment by the faculty does not relieve them of this responsibility.

Students are encouraged to seek advice from their school office on course progression issues (see