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Monash University

Monash University Handbook 2010

The Faculty of Information Technology refers, in the wider sense, to all students enrolled in award courses offered by the faculty, and all staff (academic, administrative and technical). The schools in the faculty are campus-based and include the:

The faculty home page address is

Legally, the faculty is a statutory body comprising all full-time members of the teaching staff. The main business of the faculty is delegated to the faculty board, whose members include all heads of schools, other school-based representatives, representatives of other faculties, the library, and representatives of graduates and students of the faculty. The faculty board normally meets five times each year.

The board has standing committees that have the power to act on behalf of the board when an immediate decision is required. These committees include the Faculty Education Committee, which advises the board on matters relating to the coursework degrees and diplomas offered by the faculty, including student workload and assessment, admission and selection, education quality and course and unit offerings; the Research Committee, which advises the board on matters relating to the graduate research programs of the faculty, including admission, selection, and maintenance of appropriate academic standards; and the Academic Progress Committee, which considers cases of students who become liable for exclusion because of unsatisfactory academic performance.

The senior officers of the faculty are the dean, academic manager and business manager, heads of each campus school and three associate deans.

Students wishing to bring any relevant matters to the attention of the student members of the faculty board should contact their school office.

Faculty administration locations

The faculty has administrative offices on the Berwick, Caulfield, Clayton, Gippsland, Sunway and South Africa campuses. Contact details are available at