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Monash University

Monash University Handbook 2010

Credit policy (including recognition of prior learning)

Credit may be granted for studies already completed at Monash University or at another tertiary institution, including overseas universities, or on the basis of recognition of prior learning (RPL). An application for RPL must be accompanied by an RPL portfolio. Applicants should apply for credit prior to enrolment, but currently enrolled students can also apply.

International students must apply for credit and/or RPL prior to enrolment.

The Faculty of Education considers each application on its merit within the context of the faculty and University guidelines on credit transfer. For further information, contact the Admissions and Student Services Office, Faculty of Education, Monash University, on the relevant campus.

Special requirements


Students in undergraduate teacher education programs must successfully complete teaching practice, which consists of a minimum of 80 days of supervised school experience for primary and secondary programs.

To fulfil course requirements, additional placement days must be completed by early childhood students, and sport and outdoor recreation students will be required to complete experiential learning program days.

Those students who are employed in schools or early childhood settings and are required to do 80 days placement must complete a minimum of 50 per cent of supervised placement in a setting other than the school or early childhood setting in which they are employed. Students must be available to undertake placements on a full-time basis and attend their placement for full days at times determined by the faculty.

Working With Children Check

All education students will be required to complete a Working With Children Check (WWCC). The Victorian Department of Education and Training requires all student teachers to hold a current WWCC Card before being allowed to undertake fieldwork placements in schools and early childhood and other settings in Victoria. WWCC Cards (administered by the Victorian Department of Justice) are obtained by the student as part of the enrolment process. They are valid for five years and are applicable to practicum undertaken in government, Catholic and independent schools, and early childhood settings. Students are required to apply for a volunteer WWCC through a participating Australia Post outlet* and provide proof to the faculty that the WWCC has been undertaken. Because the WWCC is monitored on an ongoing basis, students will be required to nominate the Professional Placement Office as the `employer' as part of the application process. Further details will be available at enrolment/re-enrolment. A copy of the WWCC will be held on each student's file, but it is the student's responsibility to ensure their check is valid at all times throughout their enrolment and to provide the card upon request at the placement school. All off-campus and interstate students are required to provide a WWCC (or equivalent) issued from and as required by the state/territory in which their professional experience is to be undertaken.