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Monash University Handbook 2010

While course regulations specify the basic structure of any major or minor in the Faculty of Arts, different schools and centres may have specific requirements for their own discipline, such as the completion of a core (compulsory) unit. Students neet to be familiar with the major and minor requirements below and in addition check individual discipline requirements in the 'Areas of study' section of the Handbook at


A major is three years of study in a single discipline, totaling 48 points. The major consists of:

(a.) a first year level sequence (12 points)

(b.) and one of the following:

(i.) 12 points of second year level studies (normally two units) and 24 points of third-year level studies (normally four units)

(ii.) 18 points of second-year level studies (normallythree units) and 18 points of third-year level studies (normally three units).


A minor is units in a single discipline totaling 24 points including no more than 12 points at first year level.

Normally students complete a first-year sequence (12 points), followed by at least 12 points (normally two 6 point units) of study at second year level.

NOTE: It is possible to study all units towards the minor at an advanced level. Where schools only offer a minor in this form, this will be indicated under the relevant area of study in the 'Areas of study' section of the Handbook at