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Monash University

Monash University Handbook 2010

Biological sciences

Coordinators: Professor John Hamill (Clayton) and Dr Wendy Wright (Gippsland)

Candidates wishing to undertake research in the biological sciences may enrol for programs leading to the degrees of MSc and PhD through the School of Biological Science at the Clayton campus and the School of Applied Sciences and Engineering at Gippsland. The degrees are awarded for the successful completion of a supervised research program, though some coursework may be prescribed to meet the needs of individual candidates. The School of Biological Sciences maintain electron microscopes, analytical equipment, constant-temperature rooms, experimental areas and a field station. Research may be undertaken in ecology, genetics, and plant or animal biology in the areas listed below.

Conservation in production environments

Research into methods of improving biodiversity in production and constructed environments, including farming and forestry landscapes. Studies in this area are very applied and are often conducted in collaboration with the Department of Primary Industries, Department of Sustainability and Environment, and/or other industry partners.

Biology and physiology of algae

Research activities in the area of biology and physiology of algae include algal physiology and marine botany.

Ecology and conservation biology

Research activities in this area include aquatic ecology, invasion biology, functional plant biology, molecular ecology, plant ecology, terrestrial vertebrate ecology, tropical forest ecology, and vegetation ecology.

Evolutionary processes

Research activities in the area of evolutionary processes include behavioural and evolutionary ecology, evolutionary genetics, and evolutionary ecology.

Molecular genetics and cell biology

Research activities in the area of molecular genetics and cell biology include Arabsidopsis development, Drosophila neurogenetics, molecular genetics, plant biotechnology, plant genetics, plant made vaccines and Zebrafish development

Vertebrate physiology, development and behaviour

Research activities in the area of vertebrate physiology, development and behaviour include animal behaviour, behavourial and evolutionary ecology, functional morphology of digestion, vertebrate biology and vertebrate physiology and digestion.