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Monash University Handbook 2010 Undergraduate - Course

This course entry should be read in conjunction with information provided in the 'Faculty information' section of this Handbook by the Faculty of Education

Managing facultyEducation
Abbreviated titleBAdultLrng&Devt
CRICOS code067957D
Total credit points required144
Standard duration of study (years)3 years FT
Study mode and locationOn-campus (Clayton)
Contact details

Clayton: telephone +61 3 9905 2888, email

Course coordinator

Mr Damon Anderson


  • Students must meet the recognition of prior learning (RPL) requirement for 48 points of credit at first year level.
  • Students eligible for this course are given recognition of prior learning (RPL) for the first year (48 points), hence the duration of study is two years full-time.


This course is designed specifically for people currently working in the field of adult learning and development who wish to upgrade their formal qualifications, gain recognition for prior work experience, and improve their theoretical knowledge and practical expertise. Completion of this course will lead to a recognised tertiary degree in adult and vocational education and training that will place graduates at the forefront of professional knowledge and practice and give them a competitive edge in the employment market. Opportunities exist for further study at honours or masters level.


The Bachelor of Adult Learning & Development aims to develop highly qualified educational professionals and leaders who can facilitate the learning and development of individuals and enterprises within local and global communities. Upon successful completion of the course, it is expected that participants will have:

  • developed sound understandings of core concepts and contemporary policies and practices in adult learning and development, and their application to their work and organisation;
  • formed clearer understandings of the issues and strategies needed to undertake educational work effectively, ethically and sustainably, in locally and globally-networked organisations and communities;
  • enhanced their skills in designing and implementing programs to suit diverse and complex learning needs and learners;
  • developed capacities to plan, manage, deliver, promote and evaluate adult learning and development projects in workplaces and in communities;
  • developed stronger skills and understandings of the applications of new learning technologies in adult learning across different sites; and
  • formed skills in reading, interpreting and conducting research into their own workplace practices.


Eligible students qualify for recognition of prior learning (RPL) and enter directly into the second year of the course.

The second and third years of the course comprise 16 units. Each unit is valued at 6 points. The course is structured to enable students to develop theoretical and conceptual frameworks in which to reflect critically and constructively on their previous and current work experience, in addition to developing new strategies and approaches for application in workplace and community settings. Their newly acquired knowledge and understandings are reinforced through a range of practical learning activities such as site visits, group workshops, case studies, and independent workplace projects.


First year

  • Recognition of prior learning (RPL) normally equivalent to 48 points

Second year

  • EDF2801 Adult education practices 1
  • EDF2802 Contexts of adult learning and development
  • EDF2803 Learning and researching in work-related contexts
  • EDF2804 Multimedia in adult education: Policy and practice
  • EDF2805 Multimedia in adult education: Implementation and evaluation
  • EDF2809 Workplace learning and development
  • EDF2810 Program design and delivery
  • EDF2811 Working with difference

Third year

  • EDF3802 Work, development and identity
  • EDF3804 Independent work-based project
  • EDF3806 Future directions in adult learning and development
  • EDF3807 Contemporary workplaces: Issues and practices
  • EDF3808 Researching adult and workplace learning
  • EDF3809 Independent work-based project 2
  • EDF3810 Mentoring at work
  • EDF3811 Policy and change in adult education and training


Bachelor of Adult Learning and Development