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Monash University Handbook 2010 Undergraduate - Course

NOTE: This course has been updated - please refer to the Undergraduate handbook change register for details.

This course entry should be read in conjunction with information provided in the 'Faculty information' section of this Handbook by the Faculty of Science

Managing facultyScience
Abbreviated titleBSc(ScSchProg)
CRICOS code030799G
Total credit points required144
Standard duration of study (years)3 years FT
Study mode and locationOn-campus (Clayton)
Contact details


Course coordinator

Dr Richard Reina


  • An accelerated course may, in some cases, be completed in less than three years, with a minimum of 96 credit points. Students who satisfy all of the course requirements as listed below with a minimum of 96 credit points of study are eligible to graduate. Students wishing to take additional units above 144 credit points of study can only do so on a single subject basis (full-fee paying basis) with the approval of the faculty.


This course allows high achieving students to complete an advanced program of individual study in science with specialist training in one or more science disciplines. Depending on previous studies it may be possible to complete the degree in two years by taking an accelerated program, or to undertake additional units to enrich the study program while completing the degree in three years.


Upon completion of this course, students will have demonstrated high academic performance across all studies. Graduates will have specialist training in one or more science disciplines, with the potential for postgraduate study, leading to employment opportunities in any of the traditional or emerging careers for scientists. Overall, the course provides students with improved life and employment skills through advanced knowledge of a scientific discipline and demonstrated competence in science graduate attributes, which include information literacy, the effective use of information technology, problem solving, data handling, and laboratory skills, and a capacity to apply discipline knowledge and critical thinking to analyse and solve complex problems.

Course progression requirements

A sustained high level of achievement must be demonstrated throughout the course. Students in the Science Scholar Program are required to maintain at least a distinction average (70 per cent) across their best 48 points in each calendar year to remain in, and to graduate with, the award of Bachelor of Science (Science Scholar Program). Students who do not meet this standard will be required to transfer to course 0050 Bachelor of Science.

Students who at the commencement of their course are awarded credit for previous studies (based on previous tertiary study, including secondary school year 12 enhancement studies) may have the opportunity to undertake a course of study which can lead to course 0051 Honours degree of Bachelor of Science after three years rather than the normal four years.

Alternatively, students will be able to complete the degree in a normal three-year period (or four years if progressing to an additional honours degree) while at the same time being able to enrich their studies by enrolling in units additional to those normally required to satisfy the Bachelor of Science degree requirements.


With the assistance of an assigned mentor, an individual course of study will be devised for each student in this program. The minimum credit points required is 96, however students can complete up to 144 credit points within the degree structure.


Students must complete at least 96 points of studies in science including all of the following:

  • at least one major sequence in a science area of study
  • at least one minor sequence in a different science area of study
  • at least 36 points of science units at level two and at least 48 points of science units at level three.

Information about 'Science areas of study and sequences' is available via

Students in the Science Scholars Program are not required to complete the standard Bachelor of Science level one mathematics/statistics and breadth of study requirement or the level two core unit. However, students who revert to course 0050 Bachelor of Science, either by choice or as a result of exclusion from the Science Scholar Program, must complete all of the Bachelor of Science requirements.

Minimum grade for articulation

Distinction average


Bachelor of Science (Science Scholar Program)