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Monash University Handbook 2010

About the Handbook

The Monash University Undergraduate Handbook and Postgraduate Handbook provide information on the courses and units offered to students at Monash during the academic year. They are primarily a tool to assist students who have commenced, or are about to commence, their studies to plan each stage of their enrolment in their chosen course, so that they can undertake the required program of study. In particular, the Handbook includes the overall requirements that students who commence a course in a given academic year must normally satisfy before they are eligible to be awarded that qualification.

Prospective students

Future students requiring information on courses, admission requirements and related issues should consult Coursefinder, or the printed Monash University publications - the Undergraduate Course Guide or Postgraduate Course Guide; International students should also consult the related International Application Guides. Students wishing to study in the off-campus mode should visit for information about courses and off-campus learning. Each of these sources provides broad information about courses as well as more detailed information about the University and each of its campuses.

Current students

Information on services and resources that Monash University provides for current students can be found in the Student Information Index. The Index also links to University and faculty policies, information about students’ rights and obligations, course administration and enrolment information, and principal dates for enrolments, examinations, graduations and other major events.

The Monash University Calendar contains legislation regarding Monash University, including the regulations of the university and the faculties.