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EDF6210 - Language testing and assessment

12 points, SCA Band 0, 0.250 EFTSL

Postgraduate Faculty of Education

Leader: M Gearon


Clayton First semester 2008 (Evening)


The Unit explores current theories in language testing and assessment, new approaches to language test design and validation, advances in language testing technology, the impact of various language assessment practices on language teaching and learning, and the ethics of language test use. The various purposes of language assessment are outlined and students are introduced to a set of principles whereby language tests, standards-based frameworks and a range of other assessment policies and practices can be critically evaluated. They are also given opportunities to develop skills in designing, trialling and analysing assessment tools for use in their own professional contexts.


The learning objectives of this unit are:

  1. to familiarize students with a range of purposes and uses of language assessment;

  1. to acquaint them with the basic testing terminology required to read and understand key literature on language assessment;

  1. to review recent debates and developments in language testing research and practice (including dynamic assessment, performance assessment and critical language testing, new approaches to language test validation and advances in language assessment technology):

  1. to provide a conceptual framework for evaluating the validity and usefulness of a number of widely used tests and assessment frameworks in English and other languages;

  1. to develop skills in test design and analysis; to make students aware of the links between language curriculum and assessment;

  1. to raise awareness of issues of fairness and impact in language testing


Three assessment tasks: essay/report (3,000 words): 30%; Project (3,500 words): 40%; Test (1,500 words): 30%.


EDF6233 (for TESOL students) or EDF6223 (for LOTE)

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