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EDF6201 - Theory and principles of bilingual/immersion education

12 points, SCA Band 0, 0.250 EFTSL

Postgraduate Faculty of Education

Leader: Dr M M Gearon


Clayton Second semester 2008 (Day)
Clayton Second semester 2008 (Off-campus)


Theories and principles of bilingual/immersion education. Linguistic, psycho-linguistic, sociolinguistic, political and educational contexts of bilingual/immersion education programs in Australia and overseas.


Upon successful completion of this unit, students should be able to identify sound principles for the introduction of bilingual/immersion programs in a range of educational settings; demonstrate an understanding of the influence of bilingual/immersion education on language acquisition; analyse critically the political and educational contexts in Australia or their country which support and/or deter the introduction of a bilingual program in their educational setting.


Essay (4000 words): 50%
Exam (2000 words):20%
Annotated bibliography (2500 words): 30%

Contact hours

3 hours per week

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