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EDF6005 - Reading, interpreting and communicating research

12 points, SCA Band 0, 0.250 EFTSL

Postgraduate Faculty of Education

Leader: Mr Joel Windle (Clayton)


Clayton First semester 2008 (Evening)
Clayton First semester 2008 (Off-campus)
Clayton Second semester 2008 (Evening)
Clayton Second semester 2008 (Off-campus)


The unit consists of two modules. Module 1 provides an overview of significant debates about the nature of knowledge and different research approaches in the fields of social science and education, including ethical issues in research. Module 2 is designed to develop students' ability to identify and interpret research literature across a range of academic genres, including the processes of locating and retrieving research literature.


Upon completion of this unit students should be able to:

  • understand different research perspectives and methodologies in the field of education and social sciences;

  • have an awareness of their ethical responsibilities when undertaking research;

  • reflect on the meanings and motivations they bring to the research endeavour;

  • perceive the interconnections between research questions, data forums, research methodologies and methods

  • formulate research questions and link these to designs;

  • systematically identify and locate a range of research literature on a topic of interest to them;

  • interpret and critically evaluate this literature with respect to its usefulness in a specific setting (typically the students' own work setting or focus of study);

  • engage with a range of conventions and stylistic features of academic writing; prepare a summary of the implications of this literature in a selected academic genre.


Two research papers tailored to the needs of the student group, together comprising 8000 words.

Contact hours

3 hours per week

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