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DFM3004 - Palliative care

4 points, SCA Band 3, 0.0833333 EFTSL

Postgraduate Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Leader: Dr M Gold


Clayton First semester 2008 (Off-campus)
Clayton Second semester 2008 (Off-campus)


This elective includes the following: what is palliative care, disease and the illness experience, I am a communicator, spiritual and ethical issues, grief and bereavement, symptom control, pain management, emergencies in palliative care and the role of the general practitioner in palliative care.


At the end of the unit students should be able to:

  1. Feel confident with the knowledge and skills they possess and be comfortable in caring for dying patients
  2. Recognise the need for total care in the discipline of palliative medicine
  3. Identify the extra resources available to them for the task.
The objective for GPs is to be able to be more active in the guidance of palliative care patients and their family carers. This is not to deny the expertise of palliative care nurses but to emphasise that true team care means the sharing and application of the skills of each member of the team. It is envisaged that at the end of the unit each student will be able identify her / his own strengths in the area of palliative care, feel comfortable in dealing with the problems which arise, and be committed to the care of dying patients.


Assessment tasks and Journal (50%), Case Studies (50%)

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