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Master of Criminal Justice

Course code: 4015 ~ Course abbreviation: MCrimJust ~ Total credit points required: 72 ~ 3 years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Arts

Study mode and course location

Off-campus (Gippsland)

Course description

The Master of Criminal Justice is designed to accommodate the needs of professionals and practitioners in criminology and allied fields. The entire Masters program encompasses a sequence of 72 points of part-time study through off-campus flexible delivery incorporating print and on-line teaching and learning. The course presents the application of criminology in a unique mixture of regional, urban and international crime-related contexts. The course will specialise in contemporary regional and international crime matters, crime prevention, policing, criminal behaviours and profiles, and alternative justice and corrections initiatives. A special feature of this Master of Criminal Justice will be opportunity for students to develop links with regional practitioners and, in some cases, utilise placements within the criminal justice and allied systems.

Course objectives

Students completing this course will demonstrate: advanced understanding of the theory and practice of criminal justice; 2. the ability to evaluate the role of research and theory in the advancement of knowledge within the field of criminal justice; 3. critical understanding of the functions of policing, security and risk management; 4. the capacity to formulate and research topics in criminal justice; 5. the capacity to draw conclusions, based on research-driven evidence, and to make policy and reform recommendations; 6. knowledge, skills and attributes for self-motivated, independent investigation of criminal justice issues; 7. knowledge and skills in criminal justice programming, planning, implementation and evaluation; 8. attributes of team-work and problem-solving relating to crime and crime prevention; 9. the ability to engage with other professionals working in the criminal justice system and allied professions; 10. professional knowledge of ethical issues relating to criminal justice.

Minimum pass grade

To graduate with the masters, students must gain a credit (60 C) or above in core units and a minimum credit average overall.

Course structure

Students complete 48 points of level 4 units and 24 points at level 5 as outlined below. Students will normally complete one 12-point unit per semester by off-campus mode. All proposed units except where indicated are worth 12 points.

Course requirements

Level 4

Students must complete two core units:

  • CRJ4001 Crime prevention: A global perspective
  • CRJ4002 Policing, security and risk management

And at least one level 4 elective unit from the following:

  • AUS4025 Australia in global perspective
  • CRJ4004 Criminal behaviours
  • HPL4503 International relations
  • HPL4521 Mechanisms for international governance
  • HSM4301 Program planning and evaluation in the human services
  • HSM4302 Management and leadership in human services

Level 5 electives

Students must complete a minimum of 24 points from the following:

  • CRJ5004 Criminal behaviours
  • CRJ5005 Internship
  • CRJ5006 Criminal justice research project (9,000 words - 12 points) and a 12 point elective unit from elective offerings


  • CRJ5007 Criminal justice thesis (18,000 words - 24 points)

Students will need to have attained both a Distinction average in their previous 48 points of the Master of Criminal Justice and permission from the course coordinator before they can enrol in CRJ5007.

The option of full-time enrolment will not be available for the first three years of the course.

Exit points

After successful completion of 24 points, students may apply to exit the program with a Graduate Certificate, or after successful completion of 48 points with a Graduate Diploma.

Course coordinator

Assoc. Prof. Colleen Lewis