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Master of Rural Health (Research)

Course code: 3407/3970 ~ Course abbreviation: MRuralHlth(Research) ~ Total credit points required: 96 ~ 4 semesters full-time, 8 semesters part-time ~ Managing faculty: Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences

Study mode and course location

On-campus (Clayton; or approved off-site locations)

Off-campus (Clayton)

Course description

Rural health research is essential to improving the health status of people in rural and remote areas. It provides an intellectual framework within which to think about, teach about and develop policy for rural health and rural health services.

This course is a multidisciplinary research program for which candidates are required to submit a major thesis for examination that will communicate the results of research carried out under supervision.

Specialist areas of research include rural health workforce, sustainable rural health services, community development and capacity building, service delivery models, rural nursing, rural general practice, rural health service delivery, rural health quality assurance, gender issues in rural health medicine, rural health policy, migrant health and health service needs in rural/urban Australia.

Course objectives

Students who have completed the course will demonstrate a thorough understanding of relevant research techniques in their field through a review of the relevant literature. They will demonstrate their ability, under supervision to apply relevant research techniques to their chosen field of study. Students will be able to present high-quality written work suitable for publication in appropriate scholarly journals, and be able to critically evaluate both their own and others' written work in their chosen field. Students will also be able to: 1. identify and define research questions; 2. identify the appropriate research methods to address the research questions; 3. demonstrate mastery of their chosen research methodology/methodologies; 4. demonstrate theoretical knowledge at master level in their chosen field of rural health; 5. communicate their research findings in a format appropriate to their academic discipline; 6. write up their research into a high quality thesis; and 7. contribute new information or new ways of understanding information in the field of rural health.

Course structure

Course requirements

Students submit a thesis of approximately 40,000 to 60,000 words.

Contact details

Associate Professor Janice Chesters: telephone +61 3 5128 1009; email

Dr Jennifer Scott, Manager (Research Degrees), telephone +61 3 9905 4313; email or visit

Course coordinator

Associate Professor Janice Chesters