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Monash University

Master of Journalism

Course code: 3932 ~ Course abbreviation: MJournalism ~ Total credit points required: 72 ~ 1.5 years full-time, 3 years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Arts

Study mode and course location

On-campus (Caulfield)

Off-campus (Gippsland)

Course description

On completion of the masters course in journalism, students will be able to demonstrate advanced literacy skills (written, oral, computing, visual, televisual, digital) commensurate with postgraduate standards, show professional skills in the craft of media writing and production, have an advanced professional knowledge of legal issues and ethics pertaining to journalism and publishing for the mass market, along with high level communication and negotiation skills. An extensive critical understanding of the theory of the role of the Fourth Estate in comparative media systems,, investigative skills applicable to a media workplace, familiarity with changing technologies including convergence and multimedia in the journalism workplace, and advanced information management skills in addition to a demonstrated ability to apply the postgraduate research skills of judgment, interpretation, analysis, and critical thought.

The graduate attributes include independence, life-long learning skills of written and oral communication, capacity for inquiry and research, critical thought and analysis, problem solving, teamwork, numeracy effective use of information technology and information literacy

Course objectives

Students successfully completing this course will have: 1. a sound knowledge of diverse aspects of the academic discipline; 2. an understanding of the world view of the field of study; 3. a critical appreciation of the secondary literature in the field of study; 4. a familiarity with many of the key texts and cultural products pertaining to the field of study; 5. advanced reading and communication skills, both written and verbal; 6. advanced analytical skills; 7. a grasp of research methodology and ethics, and an ability to undertake a small, independent research project in one of the disciplines represented in the program.

Minimum pass grade

To graduate with the masters, students must gain a credit (60 C) or above in core units and a minimum credit average overall.

Course structure

Students complete 48 points of level 4 units and 24 points at level 5 as outlined below.*

    *All units are 12 points unless otherwise stated

Course requirements

Core units

Students must complete:

  • JRM4905 Advanced writing for the news media
  • JRM4909 Critical issues and debates in contemporary journalism
  • JRM4901 Investigative journalism, or JRM4902 Practice and representation in journalism


  • COM4010/COM5010 Communications, convergence and policy
  • COM4209 Communication research
  • COM5004 Industry research project (9000 words)
  • JRM4906/JRM5906 Media law and the ethics of journalism
  • JRM5900 Industry research dissertation (18,000 words) (24 points)
  • Students may complete a maximum of 24 points at levels 4 or 5 from an Arts discipline other than Journalism.

    Students intending to take JRM5900 must achieve a distinction average in previous 48 points and will normally be required to have completed COM4209.

    Students without industry experience would be encouraged to do COM5004.

    Students must achieve a credit or above in level 4 core units and a credit average overall to proceed to level 5.

    Exit points

    After successful completion of 24 points, students may apply to exit the program with a Graduate Certificate in Journalism, or after successful completion of 48 points with a Graduate Diploma Journalism .

    Course coordinator

    To be advised