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Bachelor of Arts (Journalism)/Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing

Course code: 3904 ~ Course abbreviation: BA(Journl)(ProfWrit) ~ Total points: 144 ~ 4 years full-time, 8 years part-time ~ Managing faculty: Arts (in conjunction with Gippsland TAFE)

Study mode and course location

On-campus (Gippsland)

Course description

This double award course allows students to study the Diploma of Professional Writing and Editing from Gippsland TAFE in conjunction with the Bachelor of Communication degree from Monash University. Students receive both of these awards from the respective institutions upon completion of the program.

Course objectives

The course provides major studies in the theory, practice, technology and research techniques of journalism together with studies at Gippsland TAFE that provide students with the theoretical base and the practical skills in a variety of writing, editing and production tasks.

Course structure

The double award normally involves four years of full-time study. The first year consists of TAFE modules in professional writing and editing. In the second year, students take two level-one journalism units and complete the diploma. In the third year, students take arts units, including level-two journalism units and any TAFE modules still to be completed. In the fourth year, students take level-three degree units to complete the journalism major and the degree.

Areas of study

For information on majors and minors offered, refer to the `Areas of study' section on the Arts faculty website at

Minors can be taken in Australian Indigenous studies, Australian studies, communications, community studies, history-politics, journalism, philosophy, public relations, sociology or writing.

Course requirements

BA (Journalism) component

The BA (Journalism) component must include the following:

(a) a journalism major (48 points)

(b) an arts first-year-level sequence (12 points)

(c) an arts minor (24 points)

(e) a further 12 points of arts studies

(d) a minimum of 36 points at third-year level (includes the units completed in the journalism major).

Professional writing and editing component

Students complete the diploma requirements as outlined by Gippsland TAFE, to the equivalent of 96 points of Monash studies.

Contact details

Contact the School of Humanities, Communications and Social Sciences by visiting or Gippsland TAFE at