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Monash University

Graduate Certificate in Visual Culture

Course code: 3766 ~ Course abbreviation: GradCertVisCult ~ Total credit points required: 24 ~ 0.5 years full-time, 1 year part-time ~ Managing faculty: Arts

Study mode and course location

On-campus (Clayton)

Course description

This program provides a formal framework for students to undertake studies in visual culture units at level 4. The certificate is of particular value for students who have already completed a major or minor sequence in visual arts or visual culture but who wish to take additional units, either to broaden their disciplinary contact or to pursue study in a particular area of visual culture. The certificate course is also geared to students who are intending to pursue graduate study but who need familiarity with particular units or areas of theory in visual culture as a bridge to either a major undergraduate sequence or to graduate work. The course also assists students who wish to augment another tertiary qualification with a formal course of study in visual arts or visual culture.

Through the certificate, students will have a range of contact with research, seminars, debate and methodology within visual culture. The graduate certificate is not intended as a foundation or entry year for graduate study, but is a general qualification, which augments the bachelor's degree in visual culture.

Course objectives

Students completing this course will have: 1. a familiarity with diverse aspects of the academic discipline; 2. a familiarity with the world view of the field of study; 3. a familiarity with the secondary literature in the field of study; 4. a familiarity with many of the key texts and cultural products pertaining to the field of study; 5. advanced reading and communication skills, both written and verbal; 6. developed sound analytical skills; 7. developed the ability to use relevant technology such as databases, information management systems and search engines effectively.

Course structure

Course requirements

Students complete 24 points, comprised of two units chosen from the list below:

  • FTM4042 Historical film theory and criticism
  • FTM4052 Contemporary film theory and criticism
  • VAM4010 Visual culture and its theories
  • VAM4020 Theory of art history and criticism
  • VAM4021 Beyond the museum: institutions and insurrections
  • VAM4023 Visual culture internship
  • VAM4030 Themes in nineteenth-century Australian art
  • VAM4050 Twentieth-century Australian modernism
  • VAM4070 Australian postmodernism
  • VAM4084 The culture and imagery of cities
  • VAM4100 Issues in Australian architecture and heritage
  • VAM4290 Cultural theory and visuality
  • VAM4830 Exploration and immigration in the cultural imaginary


Students who have completed the certificate program with grades at credit level or higher are eligible to apply for admission into the Postgraduate Diploma in Visual Culture.

Course coordinator

Leigh Astbury